I created The Carrot Underground as an inspiring resource 

for recipes, ideas, & insights for enjoying vegan living. 


There are very good reasons why vegan living is one of the biggest trends in the world today. 

It's good for you 🥕good for the animals 💚 and good for the planet 🌎


Hi, I'm Connie Edwards McGaughy, creator of The Carrot Underground.

As someone who decided to stop consuming and using animal products more than 40 years ago, I understand the issues many of us experience when choosing to be vegan. When I began my journey to vegan living, shopping was a challenge. Finding cruelty-free products required a lot of research. Non-leather shoe choices were either flip flops or canvas sneakers. There were few, if any, options for dining out. Veggie burgers and vegan cheeses were years away. Even my friends were reluctant to invite me over for dinner, as they didn't know what to serve.  I soon realized that in order for me to maintain a social life with my omnivorous friends, I needed to create beautiful, inspired, delicious meals that everyone would enjoy. 

The good news is, there has never been a better time to be vegan. With so many choices of cruelty-free products and plant-based foods on grocery shelves today, it's easy to live a great life without causing harm to animals.


Over the years, my husband and I have had the best time cooking together, using entirely vegan ingredients. The meals we prepare are so amazing that I began posting photos of them on Facebook. Initially, I was concerned that my friends might find my frequent food posts to be obnoxious, but instead, we received rave reviews and requests for the recipes!  A couple years ago, I ran across a journal I had kept when our kids were young. I had titled it "The Carrot Underground - raising compassionate kids in a carnivorous world". That's when it hit me - why not write a blog about my recipes and experiences in vegan living, and call it The Carrot Underground? 


As vegans, we all take different paths getting here. Whether you've enjoyed a plant-based diet for a long time, or your journey to compassionate living is just beginning, you are on the right course. I am sincerely grateful and happy for you, for the animals, and, for the planet. ​

I love hearing how others found their way to vegan living and invite you to share your stories, recipes, and ideas on being vegan in the comments or by emailing me below.

If you would like to learn more about my journey to vegan living, visit: my story

Welcome to our growing community and thank you for being vegan.

For the animals...


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